I just received a big dose of pelican medicine … After going to a favourite place of mine – the liminal space between land and water at a nearby lake – I was met by these beauties and received their message on mass! Pelican’s dreaming is one of balance, slowing […]

Please value this lovely plant and don’t poison it – as you can see, it clearly loves you! The practical gifts of clover are diverse … ☘  Clover that grows on your property will keep the snakes away. ☘  It enriches pastures for cattle, horses, sheep, or goats. ☘  Clover […]

This beautiful little book provides a valuable introduction to working with the wisdom of plants, and explores ways of deepening your connection with plants in order to learn directly from them. Nathaniel Hughes opens the doorway into communicating with plants intuitively, offering a way to discover an enriching relationship with […]

Upon moving to a new country dwelling in central Victoria I discovered a large number of these sweet little insects living in my sunroom window. 🐞  Their folklore and magick is imbedded in our hearts and psyches from a very young age. Ladybird heralds a time of wish fulfilment and […]

I found this lovely house guest and resisted the automatic compulsion to kill it. Why? Because I knew I had to research her medicine, and I’m so glad I did! We have been misled to believe that white tails are flesh-rotting evil-doers whose bite will blister and blacken the skin. […]

It’s interesting how many fear the snake without even crossing its path within the physical world. 🐍 Like an ancient genetic code, we recoil at the idea of crossing paths with the snake, and yet she is a profound symbol of things hidden deep within our collective psyche worthy and necessary […]

Eucalyptus resin from Kinglake National Park was my spirit medicine this weekend. Used by Indigenous Australians for its antiseptic and purification properties, the resin was boiled and rubbed into wounds, as well as burnt, much like frankincense. Eucalyptus purifies the heart, allowing a deepened connection to self and to the […]

You could say Geomancy is the esoteric end of feng shui, but it also incorporates contemporary issues. A lot of the practices are shamanic by nature: walking astral planes, delving into other realms. It also addresses real life contemporary concerns people have …