It’s interesting how many fear the snake without even crossing its path within the physical world. ? Like an ancient genetic code, we recoil at the idea of crossing paths with the snake, and yet she is a profound symbol of things hidden deep within our collective psyche worthy and necessary […]

According to the Indigenous Gariwerd seasonal cycles of my region, it’s Larneuk, the season of nesting birds ? This morning I saw a crow collecting sticks for her nest and my salvia has burst into bloom … signs we have transitioned into pre-spring by the Indigenous seasonal wheel. Don’t let the Gregorian […]

Eucalyptus resin from Kinglake National Park was my spirit medicine this weekend. Used by Indigenous Australians for its antiseptic and purification properties, the resin was boiled and rubbed into wounds, as well as burnt, much like frankincense. Eucalyptus purifies the heart, allowing a deepened connection to self and to the […]