Spirit orbsAround Beltane, when veils between worlds are thin, it’s easier to make contact with spirits, elementals, nature spirits and those in other realms. I took some photos at Beltane this year, while we were walking our labyrinth at night, and these spirits made themselves known by showing in some of the images – this photo shows them at their fullest, and the others here are cropped in closer to the big form. (In the full picture you can see the blurred image of the person walking out of the frame to the left, amongst the candles we’d lit – we live in the country and there were no other lights nearby. The whitish, smoke-like shapes and the small, bright blue ball are the spirit energies.)

Many see orbs as manifestations of spirit energy, or guides, which although always present aren’t always seen. They often appear at times of contemplation and meditation. White orbs are usually thought to be manifestations of spirits and guides, and blue orbs are said to be protective, or angelic, and appear as confirmation that you’re on your path (green orbs are commonly thought to be nature spirits and elementals, spirits closely aligned with nature, or healing energies).

I could see these orbs in the pics as I took them and felt a strong sense of peace. I believe they were there to support and share love, and as confirmation of our activities and intentions that night.
When the person walking the labyrinth finished, I showed him the orbs and he walked again to see if they’d return. They didn’t. Their presence had been felt and seen, and that was enough.

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