Yes. Our classes usually have students with a range of experience levels, from none whatsoever to healers and energy workers or those with a feng shui background, and all have equally kept up with the content and been challenged to learn something new. The beauty of geomancy is that it helps people weave together so many of their interests and knowledge areas into a rich and meaningful practice. Everyone’s way of practicing geomancy becomes really unique according to their personal journey. No prior knowledge is required for any of our workshops.
Yes. Each of our workshops cover the key areas of geomancy and are designed to stand alone. No class relies on knowledge from one of the others, and no prior knowledge is required for any of our classes, so it’s easy to come along to just one of the workshops if you wish.
If you’re after a quick overview of geomancy as a way of dipping your toe in (or just wondering what geomancy is!), our 1-day 'Introduction to Geomancy' class in January is probably the place to start. However, if you’re interested in learning more and exploring topics more deeply, you can start with any of our 2-day and 4-day workshops, as they’re all designed to stand alone and no prior knowledge is required for any of our classes, so it’s easy to begin with any of them.
All of our workshops cover different aspects of geomancy and are designed to stand alone if you’re interested in just one or two areas, but together the 2-day and 4-day classes comprise the practitioner course. These classes are: All About Earth, Earth Reading, Elementals and Nature Spirits, and Geopsychic Phenomena. After completing all of these classes you will have the skills to work with earth energies at home or as a practitioner working for clients.
Yes. All of our workshops use dowsing and this ancient art is taught in class. Being a beginner dowser isn’t a problem at all, lots of people haven’t picked up a pendulum or rod before coming to class, so we introduce how to dowse as well as having relevant activities for those who already know how. Dowsing rods, pendulums and dowsing bobbers are all sold at the workshops, so you can pick up some tools if you don’t already have them.
Yes. Our workshops are very hands-on and opportunities are given for everyone to practice skills learnt, such as dowsing. The classes include practical elements like street walks, site visits and space clearings, for you to have the opportunity to put the skills taught into action.
Yes. Being able to address the energies of a person’s home or workplace alongside those within their body definitely helps practitioners to offer truly holistic healthcare. You can support a person’s body to heal but if they are going back to an environment that isn’t also supporting that work, the healing may not be as successful. Geomancy focuses on connection with and reading of the land, looking at the energies of the earth, of people and of cultures, seeing how they interact, and making adjustments for balance and harmony. It is a fantastic framework that encourages practitioners to pull together their unique skills and beliefs to achieve healing and balance in people and their environment.
You can enrol online, via our Training and events page. From there, navigate to the enrolment page for the class/es you are interested in and you can complete the form and make payment there. Payments can be made by PayPal with your bank account or credit card. Payment plans are offered, as outlined on the enrolment pages for each workshop. If you need to pay by another method (such as direct deposit), or would like to apply for a concession, contact us by email to discuss your requirements and situation.
If the workshop page doesn’t have an ‘enrol now’ button, then enrolments aren’t yet open for the class. This is likely because the venue and/or dates are still to be confirmed. Rather than enrolling, you can register your interest in the workshop, and when enrolments do open we will contact you with the full class details to see if you would like to attend the class. Some of our workshops sell out, so registering your interest will help ensure you hear as soon as enrolments open – those who have registered will be offered the first places when enrolments open, as well as sometimes receiving special offers such as early bird specials.
No. By registering your interest in a workshop you will be one of the first to be offered a place when enrolments do open. We will notify you by email as any further details about the class become available and when enrolments open. This doesn’t mean that you must enrol if you change your mind, nor does it guarantee you a position. Enrolment cannot be guaranteed until full payment is made. (Make sure you whitelist us to be sure our emails don’t find their way into your junk)
In order not to distract the educators and other students, children (or anyone not enrolled as a student) are not to be brought to class. Some content discussed is not appropriate for minors and classes cannot be altered to avoid this.

Still have questions? Please contact us if you need more information.