geomancy australiaAs the wheel turns, today we celebrate Equinox, and here in the Southern Hemisphere we welcome in spring. Equinox is the point at which day and night come back into balance – from here our days will lengthen and become warmer.

Now is the time to celebrate awakening, balance and new life. It’s a time for new beginnings and dreaming into the future, working consciously on those things we want to bring into our lives. And to slow and acknowledge what we’ve learnt and how we’ve grown during the darkness of winter.

Everywhere around us the earth is renewing, flowers are blossoming and new leaves budding – the nature spirits are busy. Make time to be outdoors today and feel your feet on the Earth. She brings healing, grounding and stability. Explore dragon lines as they strengthen with the light. Celebrate the fertility of life and move forward, regenerate and work with the energy of expansion that’s all around us.

? Blessed be!