What is earth acupuncture?

Wooden wands are often used as a non-permanent remedy

Earth acupuncture is a technique used by geomancers to remedy geopathic stress. Rather than using copper pipes that are hammered into the ground and left in place as a permanent cure, we prefer to use wooden or crystal wands that are gently placed into carefully dowsed earth acupuncture points and remain only as long as is needed to harmonise the line. This method follows more closely acupuncture in the human body and honours a diverse range of nature-based esoteric traditions.

Like the human body, the earth is crisscrossed with meridians (lines of energy), the flow of which can become blocked or stagnated. This can occur naturally or can be caused by human activity, such as building work (e.g. laying foundations of a home), quarrying, road and rail construction, tunnels, drains, landfill sites, or traumatic events. These blocks or stagnations are called geopathic stress, and they can have a detrimental impact on the health of anyone who spends a lot of time in their vicinity. Using earth acupuncture, the geomancer seeks to treat and harmonise such imbalances.


earth acupuncture
Standing stones (lithopuncture) are often used as permanent remedies. This example stands below Glastonbury Tor.