with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
27–28 February 2020
9.30 am – 5 pm (2 days)
CERES, Brunswick East, Victoria

The Good Earth

By aligning with healthy, vibrant earth energies you can create and enhance all sorts of spaces, places and practices. This workshop explores the quality and character of various earth energies, and how best to incorporate them into your buildings, gardens and sacred spaces.

Through discussion, demonstrations and practical dowsing exercises you will learn the theory and practice of dowsing earth’s subtle energies. We will explore the nature and scope of different earth energy lines, including identifying and harnessing the positive vibrations and the intertwining precepts behind the design of sacred space.

Topics include:

  • Spirit of Place: working with landscape devas; communication and sanction
  • Learn to Dowse: the theory and practice of dowsing for ‘good earth’ and other earth energies; identification and siting skills
  • Earth Energies: the source, nature and categorisation of earth energies, including leys, energy leys and tri-fold lines; underground streams; blind springs; the Hartmann Grid, Curry Grid, and other global geomagnetic grids
  • Sacred Geometries: dowsable sacred geometries in the built and natural environment; earth energy configurations; earth energies in the location of sacred sites
  • Sacred Space: an introduction to design of sacred space,examining design themes common to many of the world’s sacred sites and geomantic traditions, with reference topower centres; song lines, standing stones, stone circles, medicine wheels, labyrinths; churches, temples, mosques, shrines; tombs, barrows and graves
  • Nature Spirits and Elementals: an introduction to elementals and nature spirits, and their collaboration on a site
  • Regeneration: the claiming of space; raising vibes; re-wilding
  • Ritual Space: the theory and practice of consecration, and maintenance of sacred spaces
  • Labyrinths: an introduction to labyrinths and their design
  • Site Visit: site and practical work 

No previous knowledge or experience required.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with UK-based Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka of Land and Spirit, internationally renowned professionals working in the field of geomancy and healing, with over 50 years of combined experience. Their passion for the work, down-to-earth and engaging styles make these workshops incredibly informative and lots of fun.

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