Today it’s pretty unavoidable: we all use technology in most parts of our lives. But do we think about the impact it could have on our physical health and are we conscious of ways this impact can be reduced? In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed what many had been […]

On driving through Ararat recently we stopped and talked with the group of Aboriginal activists who’ve been camped out for months, fighting to save a group of ancient trees that are sacred to the local Djap Wurrung people – including an ancient birthing tree. These trees were marked for felling […]

Dowsing is an ancient art that has been used for thousands of years throughout the world – the Ancient Egyptians were dowsers and it may date back even earlier. It’s a method of divination, a tool that can be used to find the answer to literally anything, providing you use […]

Much can be done to improve the energy of a site by working with yin and yang alone. By understanding one you can adjust the other to bring balance. Want to learn how to bring balance to your environment by working with the yin and yang of a site? ☯ […]

  As the breath of life, qi is essential to all living things. Good, healthy qi is essential to a site if it is to support any living thing spending time there. As well as sheng (positive) and sha (detrimental) qi, two other types that impact strongly on a site are shui qi (water qi) and […]