All of Nature is infused with consciousness – it’s the expression of life. As Jung said, this life-spirit ‘animates the whole cosmos’ and is poured ‘into everything, even into inorganic matter’ (Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections).

In Nature, this consciousness is expressed as Devas, Elementals and Nature Spirits, who build, nurture and maintain the natural world. The word ‘Deva’ comes from the Sanskrit for ‘shining ones’, though it’s now used very broadly in English and is often used to describe all unseen life forces.

All plants and trees have Devas, rocks have Devas, bodies of water and fires have Devas. These Nature Spirits have long histories in our mythologies and are known by many different names. They’re often divided into four groups, each of which are associated with the elements: air (sylphs), earth (gnomes, trolls, brownies, elves), fire (salamanders) and water (undines, nymphs and serpents like the Rainbow Serpent). Those who take the time and are willing to open up to this energy are able to sense and connect with it.

Devic energy is like a group soul. Devas can be as small as those for a single flower, or larger, as for a species of flower, a garden, a suburb, a city and so on. In geomancy we often work with a range of devic energies, from small to large. For example, when undertaking geomantic work, it is usual to work with the site’s Spirit of Place (also sometimes known as Genius Loci or Landscape Angels).

spirit orb
Spirits can also make themselves known as orbs

This is the devic energy of a place, its patterning. It holds the blueprint for how everything will manifest on a site. Working with Spirit of Place can be like working with a friend or ally, and calling them in and honouring them can help create harmonious space.

Tree Spirits (or Dryads) can also hold a great deal of information about a site – they know everything about a location and its history. They are the eternal soul of a tree, evolving over time to become very wise beings. Connecting with an old tree on a site (especially the king or queen tree) can give you much insight and understanding about a place.

We can get so much information and enjoyment connecting, working with, and learning from these realms. All levels of consciousness also seem to enjoy human acknowledgment and working with us, and readily offer guidance. 

There are so many ways to connect and work with the consciousness of Nature, and exploring this can help us to more deeply understand the living Earth, the web of life and our place in it. You just have to be open and willing to try …

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