A year ago we were preparing to embark on a life-changing journey to the UK. While pondering whether dowsing rods should be checked-in rather than packed in carry-on luggage, and whether sage for smudging would cause problems in customs, little did we know that in 12 months’ time our passion […]

Geomancy is an ancient healing practice working with and harmonising the energies in the built and natural environments. Through dowsing, observation and conscious connection, appropriate remedial actions can be taken where necessary, creating environments that support and nurture all who inhabit the space. It has a lot in common with […]

You could say Geomancy is the esoteric end of feng shui, but it also incorporates contemporary issues. A lot of the practices are shamanic by nature: walking astral planes, delving into other realms. It also addresses real life contemporary concerns people have …

Being high in water content, succulents are plants of endurance and renewal. They are a living teacher of fractal reality, demonstrating the constant sacred geometry formula by means of recreating themselves. We have much to learn from the medicine of the succulent. I think I will sit and connect to […]