with Richard Creightmore
1 day, next date and venue TBA

Learn Water Divining

Join us for a day of practical exercises to learn how to dowse for underground water.

You will discover how to identify primary and secondary underground streams, and blind springs, as well as judging water quality, depth and flow rates.

The art of dowsing will be introduced and taught on the day, and there will be ample opportunity to practice the skills you learn.

No previous knowledge or experience required.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to train with an internationally acclaimed expert who is in high demand in the field of water divining. Richard Creightmore has been a practising Water Diviner and Geomancer since 1986, specialising in earth acupuncture and medical feng shui. Richard’s passion for the work, and down-to-earth and engaging style makes his workshops incredibly informative and lots of fun.

Take the plunge and change the way you experience the world.
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As well as providing the theory and history underpinning geomancy, our workshops are very hands-on, so you’ll come away confident to start using everything you’ve learnt.

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