with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
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What is geomancy

Join us for this 1-day workshop and explore different aspects of the ancient art of Geomancy.

An introduction to understanding and communicating with the subtle realms in Geomantic Practice.

  • Learn to dowse earth energies, ley lines and geopathic stress
  • Learn about working with tree spirits and nature spirits.
  • Gain an understanding of transformational techniques, such as Earth Acupuncture, Earth Magic and House Protection.

Geomancy provides an insight into the connection between yourself, others and your environment, and develops your ability to read and interact with all levels of the land. Spend a day connecting with the land, immersing yourself in practical experiences and theory.

No previous knowledge or experience required.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with UK-based Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka of Land and Spirit, internationally renowned professionals working in the field of geomancy and healing, with over 50 years of combined experience. Their passion for the work, down-to-earth and engaging styles make these workshops incredibly informative and lots of fun.

Take the plunge and change the way you experience the world.
Come and join us at one of our workshops and develop your geomantic eyes.


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