Many of us who live in the country know someone, or know of someone, who can dowse for water. Water divining – or water witching as it’s sometimes called – is an ancient art that many businesses and landowners still rely on today. The tools used by these dowsers can […]

We all spend around one third of our lives sleeping. When we sleep our body rests, grows and heals; it’s also an important time for our brains to rest. As such, the value of sleep in our overall health cannot be overemphasised, and where we sleep is of great importance. […]

What a year 2018 has been … Big love and gratitude to everyone for your support this year, and especially those who joined us at our workshops. I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar and some new faces at our workshops next year! Blessings for the coming year, everyone! ? […]

As the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Summer Solstice, or Litha – today is the longest day of the year. Now is the time to celebrate the Sun at the height of its powers (and to acknowledge our turn back towards the dark, as from here […]

When we dowse for underground water, we’re looking at the amount and quality of the water in the veins. Water carries information homeopathically and we also look at the quality of the information carried by the water. As water flows underground, through passages and cracks it finds or creates, it […]

One common sign of a fruit tree suffering from the effects of geopathic stress is that the tree will flower but never bear fruit. I was recently asked to help with a tree that was doing just that. For the last four years this loquat had flowered but never fruited. […]

Trees and plants that thrive in geopathic stress include: ash, willow, oak, pine, poplar, maple, apricot, nectarine, plum, peach, chestnut, elderberry, juniper, hazelnut, ivy, holly, mistletoe, belladonna, oregano, thistle, mugwort, fungus, asparagus, ferns, nettles and nightshades.   Want to learn more about geopathic stress and its effects on plants, animals […]

Trees and plants that dislike geopathic stress include: beech, birch, apple, peach, cherry, lime, walnut, blackberry, honeysuckle, lily, lilac, blackcurrant, hawthorn, rose, azalea, begonia, geranium, primrose, sunflower, aster and most vegetables   Want to learn more about geopathic stress and its effects on plants, animals and people? Join us at […]

Geopathic stress can affect the growth of trees and plants, and those that don’t like it will become stunted or sick, fruit trees will bloom but not bear fruit, and sometimes the stress is too much and the plants die. Visually, we see also the results of this in the […]

The growth of plants and trees can be affected by geopathic stress. While some thrive over the emanations, others will bloom but not bear fruit, become stunted, display poor or twisted growth, or cancerous growths on their trunks.