After dowsing the line of geopathic stress through my new office space, I found that I needed to carry out some earth acupuncture before moving in. By using earth acupuncture, the geopathic stress will go through a therapeutic cycle and the sha stream (unhealthy) will be transformed to a sheng stream (supportive). Rather than using earth acupuncture wands that have been gifted to me before, I’ve been guided to seek out a new dryad (tree spirit) to work with this time.

To harmonise the line of geopathic stress, I dowsed that three points should be worked with earth acupuncture wands. I then asked to be guided to a tree and its dryad that would be willing to gift three wands for this work.

earth acupuncture
The 3 wands I was gifted and the Queen tree I was led to whittle them near … and my cat, who always keeps a close eye on me if I’m working on geopathic stress at our place!

I was led straight to a young eucalypt a little further back on my property. Eucalypts are carriers of Akashic records in Australia and are good at dealing with geopathic stress. When I got closer to it, I saw that a branch had recently fallen and was still partially attached. Looking back towards the studio, it looked like this tree could be growing in the line of geopathic stress, which made me wonder if it would be ok to work with. However, I felt into it and knew that it wasn’t growing in the line of stress but right next to it – I confirmed this with dowsing. Perhaps then this dryad knew the line of geopathic stress so well that it would be able to offer a kind of sympathetic healing. Feeling into the energies of this tree, the heart felt strong, and I felt tall and pulled up high – this would work perfectly with the line of geopathic stress, which brought heaviness around the heart chakra. I knew exactly why I’d been led to this tree.

After connecting with the dryad and being gifted three earth acupuncture wands – no more and no less, the dryad was very clear on this – I gave my thanks and an offering. I was led across our property, to the fire pit near the Queen Tree, to whittle and finish the wands. King and Queen trees on a property link Heaven and Earth qi particularly strongly, so it felt right to tap into this energy. It also became clear why I’d been led to the Queen and not the King, as while finishing the wands I received insight that the feminine was out of balance near the studio and needed support.

When the wands were ready I checked in with their energy, and laughed. They brought feelings of lightness, strength and youth. They’d be perfect.

I then carried out the earth acupuncture around the studio. The wands in earth acupuncture act as a witness, or a tool to focus intent, as well as having their own energies, because of the dryad still being present. Although cut, they’re live wood.

Once the stagnation was cleared from the line, I removed the wands and gave thanks. I then dowsed the underground water line I’d worked on. Was it still a sha line or had it been transformed to a sheng line? A sheng line, success!

Though I’ll need to keep an eye on it periodically to check it doesn’t fur up again …

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