Geomancy literally means ‘divining the earth’ (‘geo’ = earth, ‘mancy’ = divination). This ancient art gives insight into the connections between ourselves, others and our environment. Through reading the earth, dowsing and understanding the subtle energies of a place we can communicate with our environment on a truly profound level and support harmonious living.

Geomancers read forms in the landscape to understand how qi (energy or life force) is attracted to and flows within a site. When working on a site, a geomancer will assess the area using known history and information supplied by the person living there, as well as visual cues and dowsing.

Dowsing can be used to identify energy lines and geopathic stress, and to determine whether remedial action (such as earth acupuncture) needs to be taken. It’s also used to locate suitable points to place acupuncture wands, standing stones or cairns, or to use other healing methods. Many geomancers will also incorporate astrology, space clearing, addressing geopsychic stress, feng shui, vastu shastra, shamanism, druidry, wicca, and a range of other healing methods and tools. And in today’s environment it’d be an oversight not to include technopathic stress (also known as building biology, baubiologie or géobiologie). The beauty of geomancy is that each person can weave their own experience and interests into their practice and make it uniquely their own.

Geomancy is an ancient western tradition, though it has much in common with Chinese feng shui. Indeed, feng shui is one tool that’s used by many geomancers.

Dowsing and earth acupuncture are both traditions of the west and have much that is identical to feng shui. Feng Shui is Chinese Geomancy and earth acupuncture is advanced esoteric feng shui.

Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka

Honouring the site, its history, its current use and all forms of life there is of great importance in geomancy. As geomancers, we work consciously with the energies of the natural world for healing and growth. Our geomancy and earth dowsing training offers the opportunity to understand and work with earth energies, resolve issues in the environment, and make the best of your home or business.

Join us at one of our workshops in 2019 and discover more about this ancient art and how it can enrich your life. Learn to help yourself and others improve their environments and move towards a balanced and healthy life.

Learn to experience your surroundings in a whole new way – come and develop your geomantic eyes!

Note: At different times and in different places around the world the term ‘geomancy’ has also been used describe divinatory method of casting earth or other items from the environment. From the late 1960s the term expanded to its common usage today, which incorporates earth mysteries along with systems of divination.

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Geomancy workshop

with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
31 Jan – 3 Feb 2019 (4 days)
Brunswick East, Victoria

  • Dowsing earth’s subtle energy lines
  • Communication with etheric and astral earth beings
  • Geopathic stress
  • Techniques to neutralise and heal disturbed earth energies
  • Theory and design of sacred space.

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geomancy workshop Water Divining workshop
26 Jan 2019 (1 day)
Hepburn, Victoria

A 1-day workshop and exploring different aspects of the ancient art of Geomancy.

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27 Jan 2019 (1 day)
Hepburn, Victoria

A day of practical exercises to learn how to dowse for underground water.

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