echidna messageWe found this little guy in our wood shed last night! Echidnas are the oldest surviving mammal on earth, and they’re extremely shy – which is why they’re often associated with hermeticism. Echidna medicine is about being alone, self-protection and keeping your secrets.

After finding this echidna I looked further into his dreaming and medicine in my copy of ‘Gondwana Dreaming’ by Anja-Karina Pahl and Jacinta Tobin (a Darung woman). They say: ‘If Echidna is speaking to you today … you are being called to shut out the world for a while, and not care what others think of you … you will find you become stronger than you believed you could be … Becoming Echidna for a little while requires you to be introspective, to come to terms with your actions and the tribulations of life, and to find the patience to wait until life asks you to rejoin the game.’

I love this, and it definitely speaks to the year I’ve had, the year I’m now in the process of letting go of before moving into 2019. A timely message from spiky Echidna.

Our wood shed was empty this morning. Echidna had moved on.