We’re renovating a studio out the back of our place to use as my new office. I know there’s a line of geopathic stress that runs through it, as I worked on it a couple of years ago, but before moving my office out there I wanted to check that it hadn’t furred up again – or that new lines hadn’t moved in.

By connecting with the Spirit of Place and dowsing, I discovered that the line had turned back to a sha stream (a detrimental or negative line). I wasn’t that surprised, as I could feel that the energies here had changed – this line brings a heaviness, particularly around the heart chakra, and a dizzy, swirling feeling. Thankfully I couldn’t detect any further lines of geopathic stress or negative energies present. (However, one nice surprise was the healthy and supportive sheng energy line, which I found running perpendicular to the line of geopathic stress. It’s quite different to the sha line, as it feels very light, peaceful and expansive, especially around the crown chakra.)

underground water vein
This pic shows the line of geopathic stress running through the building. The purple markers indicate the two edge lines, and the blue the midline. The fir tree on the right sits right within this line and here you can see some of the odd knobbly growths it has on its trunk, possibly caused by its being weakened by the geopathic stress.

Using marker flags, I marked out the line of geopathic stress to get a visual picture of what I’d detected. Unfortunately, this line runs right where I’m planning to put my desk, and I don’t want to be spending hours every day over this sha stream.

Using dowsing, I explored the sha stream a little further. I was curious about the strength of the line, so used the Von Pohl scale (a scale of 1–16, where 1 is healthy, while 16 is very strong and serious illness is likely to manifest). This line registered as a 7, stronger than I’d hoped but at least it wasn’t crossing any other geopathic stress and being amplified further.

I also dowsed for the type of geopathic stress it is, and found that it’s an underground water vein. These water courses can carry distress in their fields, which is what we detect when dowsing, and is what can disturb our body’s homeostasis. I also determined that it would be ok to clean up this field of information using earth acupuncture – and that doing so wouldn’t have a negative impact on the beehive at the back of the studio, the oak tree out the front or any other plants or animals that thrive on geopathic stress.

But first I’d have to get my earth acupuncture wands, or perhaps work with a tree spirit on my property to be gifted new ones for this job …

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