earth energies and beesAlthough most mammals don’t like geopathic stress, others in the animal kingdom thrive on it! Many stinging animals, bugs and insects are attracted to zones of geopathic stress. A lot of dowsers have found that wild beehives and ant hills are often located over underground water crossings that would be detrimental to the health of humans. These sha streams seem to improve the health of these stinging insect colonies, and can improve the amount of honey produced in a beehive.

Knowing the signs to look for that suggest the presence of geopathic stress – and knowing what to do with this information – can be incredibly helpful in the garden. One reason is that you can use these energies to your benefit, to help the growth of plants and to encourage or discourage certain insects and animals.

I once planted two daphne plants next to each other but didn’t realise I had placed one over an underground water course that was running negatively (what we’d identify as geopathic stress). The daphne planted clear of the energy field thrived, while the other didn’t grow and soon died. When I looked around, I could see that a tree near the plant that died had odd growths out of its trunk, so I dowsed it and found an underground watercourse passed beneath the tree and the plant that died. In this instance, I found that work could be done further down the line but that this section should remain as it was. So, rather than remedying this part of the watercourse, I’ve been sure to place plants that enjoy geopathic stress over it and have placed my beehive on it as well!

If you’re looking for the most beneficial place to locate a beehive, why not dowse for it? Provided you ask the right questions and clearly set your intention, it’s not as difficult as it might at first seem.

Set your intention to find the most beneficial location for your hive, preferably over the crossing of two or more underground streams or other forms of geopathic stress favourable to bees (many dowsers also find geomagnetic grid crossings and geological faults are beneficial for bees). Then ask to be led to the best location. Once there, follow up with further questions to ascertain if it really is the best place for your hive. (If you’re at all unsure of your findings, why not ask a friend to dowse it separately as well.)

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  • Techniques to neutralise and heal disturbed earth energies
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