Geopathic stress can affect the growth of trees and plants, and those that don’t like it will become stunted or sick, fruit trees will bloom but not bear fruit, and sometimes the stress is too much and the plants die. Visually, we see also the results of this in the twisting of tree trunks trunks, cancerous growths or odd bending away from the energy field, causing unusual growth.

The abnormal, or cancerous growth seen on this tree (above left and centre) is an indicator of geopathic stress, which can weaken the immune systems of humans, animals and plants alike.

When two underground streams cross, a spiral energy, or vortex, can be created. Trees growing above it will likely reflect this spiralling energy, as seen in this example from regional Victoria (above right).

Geopathic stress emanations can run above ground, and trees that dislike this energy will lean away from it and twist or bend in their effort to avoid the zone of geopathic stress. This results in odd shaping of trunks, as seen in this fairly extreme example of a tree in Victoria’s alpine region (below).

Other trees will bend or warp as they grow to avoid geopathic stress, as seen below (these trees are in Melbourne, regional Victoria near the Murray River and Ashdown Forest in the UK). There are also examples of twisted palm trees further north in Australia, which grow twisted in a circular fashion on the ground rather than vertically because of the earth energies that are present. (I haven’t yet seen these trees myself … I definitely have to make a trip north soon!)

(This website has some pretty amazing examples of trees trying to keep growing despite being in zones of geopathic stress.)

While the presence of such signs alone do not necessarily signify geopathic stress is present, they can indicate a likelihood that it’s there and the need for further investigation.

When you suspect geopathic stress and notice an oddly bent tree, check the growth of trees around it. You’ll often be able to note the same odd growth or sickly looking plants that follow the line of stress.

Although the growth of more mature trees, like the examples given here, obviously can’t be changed, the cause of this unusual growth – the geopathic stress – can be worked on and the stress the tree is working against can be alleviated. This will also help any young trees growing nearby that don’t like geopathic stress.

It’s important to remember, though, not all trees and plants (or animals) dislike geopathic stress – in fact some thrive when growing over it. As with all energetic work, it’s essential to first check with the spirit of place that now is the right time and it’s ok to do this work – not all geopathic stress needs remedying and any work in one part of the energetic web will have repercussions in others.

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