What is geomancy


Geomancy means ‘divining the earth’. This ancient art gives insight into the connections between ourselves, others and our environment. Through reading the earth, dowsing and understanding the subtle energies of a place we can communicate with our environment on a truly profound level.

As geomancers, we work consciously with the energies of the natural world for healing and growth. Our geomancy and earth dowsing training offers the opportunity to understand and work with earth energies, resolve issues in the environment and make the best of your home or business.

Join us at one of our workshops in 2019 and discover more about this ancient art and how it can enrich your life. Learn to help others improve their environments and move towards a balanced and healthy life.

Our 1-day ‘Introduction to Geomancy’ class is a great way to get started and gives an overview of different aspects of geomancy, including dowsing earth energies, geopathic stress, remedy techniques such as earth acupuncture, and working with tree spirits and nature spirits.

Join us and learn to experience your surroundings in a whole new way – come and develop your geomantic eyes!

geomancy workshop


Saturday 26 January
Borsa Hall, Hepburn, Victoria

Learn more or enrol here.

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