One common sign of a fruit tree suffering from the effects of geopathic stress is that the tree will flower but never bear fruit. I was recently asked to help with a tree that was doing just that.

For the last four years this loquat had flowered but never fruited. When I dowsed the area, a single line of geopathic stress was found running directly through the tree. Using dowsing, I determined that one acupuncture wand was needed just north of the tree, within the zone of geopathic stress.

Earth acupuncture acts much like acupuncture in the body. Like the human body, the earth is crisscrossed with meridians (lines of energy), which can become blocked or stagnant. Using earth acupuncture, it is possible to treat and harmonise these imbalances, and to clear the blockages. The method of earth acupuncture I use (and that we teach in our workshops) uses wooden wands that are gently placed into carefully dowsed earth acupuncture points and remain only as long as is needed to harmonise the line.

This year the loquat tree has not only flowered but now bears fruit for the first time in at least 4 years. And it has more new growth than it’s had for several years. Earth acupuncture provides a simple, gentle and respectful approach to supporting trees like this one – and the benefits they receive are obvious!

Dowsing and earth acupuncture can be applied in so many ways, and to see results like this is especially rewarding!

Want to learn how to do earth acupuncture? And how to communicate and work with the subtle realms for the benefit of all life in your environment?

Join us at our 4-day workshop All About Earth in Jan/Feb 2019 and learn all of this and much, much more.


Geomancy workshop

31 Jan – 3 Feb 2019 (4 days)
Brunswick East, Victoria

  • Dowsing earth’s subtle energy lines
  • Communication with etheric and astral earth beings
  • Geopathic stress
  • Techniques to neutralise and heal disturbed earth energies
  • Theory and design of sacred space.

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Enrolments now open
Payment options and plans available