wheel of the seasonsAs the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Summer Solstice, or Litha – today is the longest day of the year. Now is the time to celebrate the Sun at the height of its powers (and to acknowledge our turn back towards the dark, as from here our days will again shorten).

Midsummer is a time for magick, a time of the faery folk, a time to feast. Here in Australia it falls close to Christmas – and this year with a full moon – and gift-giving, caring for others and festive get-togethers align with both of these festivals.

The energy now is very yang and active. Everything about us is growing and manifesting, lending a sense of abundance and expressiveness. Enjoy and celebrate this in all around you and in yourself.

Summer Solstice is a celebration of the sun and the earth in all their beauty and wildness – celebrate the same in you. Be like the sun and shine! Express yourself fully and appreciate others who are doing the same.

It’s exciting to be honouring the sun this year in light of the Parker Solar Probe that’s been sent to this celestial body. The probe will get closer to the sun than we’ve ever been before. In astrology the sun represents the self, our essence, who we are. It’s exciting to think of what new information we’ll receive about ourselves and this beautiful celestial body that nourishes and speaks to us all. What new insights will we uncover about this key archetype? What new energies will surface in ourselves, in our essential nature, individually and collectively?

? Happy solstice! ?