Qi translation


As the breath of life, qi is essential to all living things. Good, healthy qi is essential to a site if it is to support any living thing spending time there.

As well as sheng (positive) and sha (detrimental) qi, two other types that impact strongly on a site are shui qi (water qi) and earth qi.

The quality of water above and below the ground can have an enormous impact on the health of a site. Earth qi is just as important, and its properties are largely determined by soil and rock quality. Earth works, geological faults and dirty underground streams can disturb and compromise healthy earth qi, which can have detrimental impacts on all beings living there.

The quality of the qi of a place will determine the quality of life. The good news is that enhancing the positive aspects – and avoiding or lessening the effects of those less positive ones – is relatively easy when you know how.

Want to know more?

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