Geomancy is an ancient healing practice working with and harmonising the energies in the built and natural environments. Through dowsing, observation and conscious connection, appropriate remedial actions can be taken where necessary, creating environments that support and nurture all who inhabit the space. It has a lot in common with traditional feng shui but is more esoteric by nature and eclectic in its roots.

Geomancy Australia, 2017

Do you want to learn to read all aspects of the environment, including the subtle energies, to give yourself and others a deeper understanding of and connection to the space in which you live?

Do you want to deepen your understanding of the subtle realms and develop your own self-awareness at the same time?

Do you want to build on or begin your learning of feng shui on a more esoteric level and discover how this tool can be used in geomancy?

Do you feel the call to become part of a tribe that works collectively towards earth healing?


Come and join us in September and develop your geomantic eyes.

earth reading and geomancy


Our Earth Reading workshop (14–17 September 2017) develops your geomantic vision by providing an insight into the connection between yourself, others and your environment, and developing your ability to read all levels of the land, including subtle energies. These skills are essential for anyone working as an earth healing practitioner or doing journey work. Once you know how to read the land, and what is going on in a place, you can decide whether to leave it or make adjustments for improvement.

In geomancy it is important to use every tool you have available, to look at and ‘read’ everything. Gathering information in this way will inform and deepen your reading of a site and your knowledge of what is occurring there. As well as covering some elements of feng shui – an important tool in geomancy – in this workshop you will learn to read subtle energies and make connections between all elements on a site, particularly by drawing on your own life experiences. Learning to read the land in this way can give much fuller overview, insight and interpretation of what’s going on and how it might affect anyone spending time there.

This workshop does more than just teach you how to apply various models; it will facilitate the opening of your third eye and your ability to read the land and people. Learn to read the land, sites, homes and people with ‘geomantic eyes’ to enrich your experience of the world, and consequently work on yourself and advance your own journey and awakening.

The skills learnt in this workshop are essential for anyone wanting to do environmental work with subtle energies and realms. Working with several different models, including Chinese feng shui and other esoteric models, we will help you to find the system that works best for you.

Interesting in learning more? Visit our Training and Events page, or email us to enrol or obtain a course outline, and take the plunge to change the way you see the world.

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Earth Reading
with Jewels Rocka
14–17 September 2017
9.30 am – 5 pm (4 days)
held at CERES, Brunswick East

An introduction to the practices of Geomancy, or earth reading. We will focus on earth psychology and site energetics, as we explore the relationships between human activity and environments, and how these affect our individual destinies. We will examine earth divination in diagnosis and practice, and understanding omens with a focus on geomantic consultation.

Topics include: site energetics, earth divination, omens in geomantic practice, the geomantic mantle (historical perspective, the ethics and responsibility of geomancy, protection, psychic boundaries, geomantic language, the shamanic power base), site visits and street walks more …