A year ago we were preparing to embark on a life-changing journey to the UK. While pondering whether dowsing rods should be checked-in rather than packed in carry-on luggage, and whether sage for smudging would cause problems in customs, little did we know that in 12 months’ time our passion for geomancy would be truly ignited and that it would lead us to be sharing this work through an educational portal here in Australia.

Having studied feng shui, we were well versed in the principles of Wu Xing (or five-element theory), and how our environment and its forms, shapes and colours are an elemental interplay, of which we are an integral part, but it was our experience working with earth energies and geopathic stress, and seeing how this formed another overlay of how we all experience our environment that truly excited us. We both felt there was far more to consider in relation to site energetics. Something was missing.

We had experienced the value of dowsing as a tool of clarity and profound insight in the context of energy healing and beyond. Our previous experience with earth acupuncture involved copper remedies with a focus to cure geopathic stress. We felt that this form of healing was still imposing our authority over the site as opposed to ‘sitting with the land’ and discovering what it really needs on a holistic level. We hungered for another way and began our search for the missing piece, devouring every book and podcast we could lay our hands and ears on. From Tom Graves to David Cowan, Jane Thurnell-Read to Alanna Moore, we were hooked but still wanted the chance to ask a growing list of questions, and gain practical experience alongside someone who had been doing the work for years.

The geomantic tradition has a rich and long history in the UK, and it is still going strong. On our search to learn more we heard about Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka, who seemed to have a completely unique approach. We knew they worked with the environment to harness positive energies as well as addressing geopathic stress, but the big drawcard for us was that they used items from the environment itself as a cure.

We needed to see this work in action, and as far as we had researched there was nobody teaching anything like this here in Australia. We decided to sign up for their Earth Healing Intensive in the magical Ashdown Forest in Sussex.

This trip was to be no scenic English holiday tour; little did we know, we were taking a gumboot-clad pilgrimage. On reflection, we had no idea what to expect. All we knew was that we would learn skills to ‘heal the land’ using energy and wands from trees … figured dowsing was in there somewhere, too … and that we simply had to make the trip.

Working with Jewels and Richard we stepped into another world, walking an ancient land and learning how to read and engage with the landscape around us. This was a reality that seemed so unreal we felt the need to keep pinching ourselves.

And so it was there, in gumboots and with dowsing rods in hand, loping through the grass that we discovered what we were searching for: Geomancy. A means to live in balance with the earth through conscious connection as indigenous peoples have done for thousands of years. A way to enliven our spiritual connection to our natural world, to understand and engage with the subtle energies that surround us, to expand and heal. Richard and Jewels’s methods involved working with the land and all its subtle realms, rather than enforcing human will over it. Richard’s technique of earth acupuncture is very much grounded in his experience as an acupuncturist; he works with the earth’s meridians, clearing blockages to enable the natural flow of energy along these lines through the landscape and moving on any stagnancies. His cures are mostly non-permanent, as an acupuncture needle would be in the human body, but their effect is usually felt almost immediately, and the results are long-lasting.

Our time in the UK taught us to experience and interact with the land on many levels. It led us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we fit into this web of life. We were taught to read the land on all levels, to understand when and how we might intervene to harmonise energies on a site, and when to leave them untouched. Our journeys on this adventure were our own, but we were lucky enough to be guided by two amazing mentors who have so much experience and knowledge that they are willing to give so freely, and to share the whole experience with an incredibly diverse and interesting group of people who were on similar paths to ours. Learning and sharing this experience with others was an enriching and truly amazing experience.

Life has never been the same since, and now we find ourselves sharing with others the magic of the geomantic way, with devout passion and a fuelled sense of purpose unlike anything we have ever known. And yet geomancy itself is difficult to describe. It has such a long and rich history throughout Europe and other parts of the world, but is little known in Australia. Not only is it a skill with protocols and teachings to engage with and heal the land, but it is almost a philosophy or way of life – though unique to each individual and their journey – a way of seeing the world around you. It is as though you have emerged from a lifetime of amnesia and realise you had been blind to the depth and beauty of the world around you. A sense of connection and belonging emerges, which leads to an inner compulsion to tread lightly on the earth and see with ‘geomantic eyes’.


‘It can’t be overestimated, the power of coming together as a group and extending yourself to work with these energies and realms around us as a fundamental of our everyday life, and it’s a phenomenal experience when you start to bring these powers into focus’

Jewels Rocka


Come and learn this ancient art, and inform and enrich your interest or practice in a range of areas, including energy healing, feng shui, herbalism, permaculture, agriculture and health sciences to name only a few. It will give a greater context to the nature of your work in any of these and many other fields.

Our first series of workshop offerings are with Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka, who are leading international teachers and consultants in their fields of geomancy, feng shui, dowsing, self-development and healing. Offering practical, experiential geomancy and earth dowsing courses based on traditional wisdoms and contemporary needs, they will teach you to work with earth energies, in the built and natural environments, and to heal and create homes, businesses and relationships of balance, harmony and health, as well as self-empowered engagement with your reality.

Jewels and Richard have been involved in creating, programming and conducting geomancy and feng shui courses in Australia, the UK and around the world for many years and are respected authorities in their field.

As practitioners of this work they have years of practical, hands-on experience working on domestic, commercial and rural sites. They have profound understanding and insight into what impacts environments and how to deal with it, and teach their students the practical nature of this work as a tool to implement change. Jewels and Richard work with integrity and walk the land with their students, empowering them to see with geomantic vision.


Join us and experience a new version of reality in the geomantic world:

14–17 September
at CERES Community Environment Park, Brunswick East


For more information about Richard and Jewels, visit their Land and Spirit website, or read their article ‘What is geomancy’ here.