no rain

This is a photo of the ‘lake’ near our house. Everything is so, so dry this summer in Victoria, and the beautiful expanse of water near us dried up at the start of the year. Today we gave up the wait for rain and had to get water trucked in to fill up our water tank for the house. The lack of water here is a big reminder of just how precious this resource is to all life.

But it’s not just the amount of water that’s important, it’s also the quality. As well as the obvious physical clarity of water, its energetic properties should also be considered.

Why not get outside today or this weekend and do your bit to clean up a nearby waterway. As well as picking up any litter or debris, spend time connecting with the water spirits or serpents, or get out your dowsing rods and clean up some earth energies to help improve the energetic qualities of the water … and pray for rain.