As the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Autumn Equinox, or Mabon. This celebration marks the end of harvest; it encourages us to reflect, to give thanks and honour the Earth. Now is a time of balance – between day and night (which are of equal length), the inner and outer, the masculine and feminine, the soul and ego. It’s a time of gathering, honouring and letting go, and preparing for the new seeds we want to plant.

Autumn equinox

Our days and nights are becoming cooler, and from here they’ll begin to shorten. Change is coming.

The energy surrounding us at this time of year supports this change. Now’s the perfect time to make choices that will help bring balance and harmony to your everyday: alter or begin supportive daily routines, conduct a space clearing ritual, honour the elements and offer blessings. Spending time outdoors will also help balance your energy and physical bodies – feel the natural rhythms around you and the balance that’s intrinsic to the cycles of nature.

This year’s Autumn Equinox falls at a pretty powerful time, as we’re also at the height of a super full moon (our last of 2019). And this moon occurs in Libra (the sign that resonates with harmony and balance) at 0 degrees, which heralds new beginnings.

Today we’re also celebrating Harmony Day. Let’s all weave some thoughts of cultural diversity and harmony into our Mabon rituals, particularly in light of recent events in New Zealand and other parts of the world.

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