We all want the environment we live in to be as beneficial as possible, on all levels.

When the subtle energies of our home (or anywhere we spend a considerable amount of time) are out of balance, we feel this – whether we consciously recognise it or not. Most people can think of a time they’ve walked into a home or room and felt uncomfortable or unsettled for no apparent reason; or when they’ve entered a new space and felt completely at ease and at home. These experiences are subtle energies at work.

‘Living in a home where the energies are out of kilter will take a toll on you. And if it’s really bad or chaotic, or even not so bad, but you live there for a while, then it could have serious consequences for your health, wealth and relationships.’

This can apply to your home, holiday accommodation or anywhere you spend a considerable amount of time, including your workplace. It also includes any place your pets spends a lot of time.

Subtle energies of the home

Many people know of an ‘unlucky’ house – the ‘divorce home’, the house that always has people moving in and out, or the business that always seems to change hands. This can also apply to a room within a home: that room which always feels cold, uncomfortable or ‘not quite right’, no matter what you do to remedy it.

‘Homes may be more lucky or unlucky according to a range of geomantic factors. There are a number of considerations, including local geographical environment and the house’s siting within it, the quality of subtle earth energies flowing through or beneath it, architectural and garden landscape design, and interior layout, as well as of course the different personalities of the inhabitants.’

So how do you remedy this? Where do you start?Subtle energies in the home

While getting to the underlying cause can sometime be complicated, there are a number of quick fixes that can help pretty much any space. Five critical remedies are identified by Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka as being:

  • clutter at front door and central hub
  • bed placement
  • mirror placement
  • technopathic stress (such as wireless technology and other electromagnetic fields)
  • the quality of earth energies on site.

Read their article ‘Five key areas to improve the subtle energy of your home’, which provides an introduction to some geomantic principles.

There are many more advanced techniques, such as those for detecting and addressing geopathic stress and other detrimental energies. If you’re interested in learning more, then join us for our 4-day workshop with Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka in September – it will provide you with the learning and experience to practice these arts for yourself, family and friends, or professionally. Click here to find out more.