In these challenging times, many of us have a desire to reunite with the natural laws of earth and return to ancient wisdoms of the past. Geomancy is one such tradition, dealing with subtle earth energies and their relationship with living a balanced, healthy and bountiful life. It has often been described as the ‘missing link’ in a taking a truly holistic approach to healing ourselves and the subtle energies in our environment.

dowsing with L-rods

Geomancy literally means ‘divining the earth’, and through earth divination or dowsing we can communicate with our environment on a truly profound level. Through dowsing we can discover where to dig a bore to obtain clean water for drinking or agriculture impacted by drought, gain insight into how and why plant life and animals behave or grow in certain ways (based on the earth emanations that surround them), and detect harmful or beneficial geopathic earth emanations. Detection of radiation from modern appliances such as smart meters and wi-fi modems is also possible, allowing us to avoid these harmful fields that are often linked with serious degenerative diseases and infertility.
Dowsing and earth acupuncture are both western traditions, and have much in common with Chinese feng shui.

Geomancy has three parts:

  • dowsing underground and surface energy meridians and the use of earth acupuncture to resolve geopathic stress
  • design and placement within the visible world and the design of human environments according to common sense as well as subtle methods
  • alignment with the time dimensions of astrology and astronomy.

Geomancy also involves honouring sacred sites.

As a therapeutic art, the goal of geomancy is to identify for clients environmental problems and ways of dealing with them. These may relate to a client’s health, relationships, social life or business luck. The health-damaging effects of prolonged exposure to harmful types of earth radiation and geopathic stress are a common cause of disease. The geomancer then focuses on resolving damaged or dangerous meridians (channels of earth energy) using earth acupuncture. Although some may be familiar with this technique using copper pipes hammered into the earth, we use a more unique application to affect a cure. Wooden or crystal wands are gently placed into carefully dowsed earth acupuncture points and remain only as long as is needed to harmonise the line.

Join us in September this year to learn more about techniques such as this, in our first workshop, All About Earth.

Internationally acclaimed practitioners Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka will be joining us from the UK to present a 4-day geomancy workshop and share their unique form of earth healing. Click here to learn more.

Richard and Jewels honour a diverse range of nature-based esoteric traditions and guide their students to intuitively discover their own style and tools.