Odin stones (source: Largo Baywatch)

While outdoors in the warmer months keep an eye out for an Odin stone (also known as ‘holey’ or ‘hag’ stones).

Created by water rushing through them in the ocean over thousands of years, these stones have naturally occurring holes that are created with perfection which could only hope to be created by machine.

These gifts from nature are the perfect talisman to carry, and among other things can assist in communicating with elementals and the genius loci of the landscape.

Odin stone necklace (source: Etsy)

Odin stones have been used for thousands of years for three main purposes:

  • as protection
  • for healing
  • to see elementals.

Legend says that if you hold an Odin stone up to your eye and look through it you can see creatures you cannot normally see, such as fae folk.

Many large, ancient stones referred to as Odin stones can be found across Europe. Believed to be placed there by druids as places of magick and healing. One such stone once stood in a field by the Standing Stones of Stenness in Scotland – the hole in the centre was large enough to fit a human head. Sadly, in 1814 a local farmer demolished it.

When you decide it timely to find an Odin stone, and set the intention, it will appear to you … as though it had come to find you also.

One of the standing stones of Stenness (source: Orkneyjar)