Located on Crown land, this healing tree was dowsed as being 290 years old and located in the path of two earth meridians. The impact of these energies has nourished this ancient tree, a unique species of weeping gum – although it was surrounded by other native trees, none had the same majestic energy, which could be felt from a great distance.

This lady of the Murray allowed me to create earth acupuncture wands from its ancient limbs, I gave my offerings and connected with the elemental energies as taught by druid and master geomancer Richard Creightmore in the UK last year. The leaves were then used in a smoking ceremony to heal and release past trauma from the local landscape.

The profound nature of this type of connection to the land and its soul never ceases to amaze me; I feel now I see the world through different eyes. The eyes of a geomancer, awakened to the skills of harmonising the land and honouring all life in a more insightful way.

Scarlett (age 8) pictured, communicated with the tree receiving the same insight as all other dowsers present, including its age, verifying our natural ability to interact with the unseen realm of subtle energy through dowsing and geomancy.

I am so proud to be a part of bringing out Richard to teach this work in May this year.