dowsingThe ancient art of dowsing can be used for almost anything. It’s a method of divination, a tool that can be used to find the answer to literally anything, providing you use intent and ask the right question.

It’s a great tool to use in Geomancy – or feng shui and other healing modalities – because it’s another way to get answers to unexplained problems, difficult issues or things that may otherwise be unseen. Dowsing can help you to explore an issue deeply and get you in touch with your intuition and a deeper knowing or wisdom beyond your conscious mind.

Read more about dowsing here and on ethics and dowsing here.

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geomancy workshopOur next workshop is
Earth Reading on 7–8 September 2019

Gain an understanding of the relationships between human activity and environments as we explore site energetics, earth psychology, omens and various systems of geomantic divination. Learn to differentiate and diagnose earth energies, while focusing on their effect on communities and individual destinies. You will be given the knowledge to heal and create change for a better earth, enhancing spaces and the fortunes of communities, family, friends and clients. More …

geomancy trainingOr for an immersive experience in Geomancy, join us at our
5-day Intensive program on 11–15 November 2019

This program offers an immersive experience into the shamanic and magical arts of Geomancy. You will gain the knowledge and skills to work in relationship with the subtle nature of the earth and its allies. You will learn to create healing, nurturing and prosperous homes, businesses and sacred spaces. The focus of these five days will be Earth Energies and Site EnergeticsGeopathic Stress, and Earth Acupuncture, all within a Ritual and Magical framework. More …

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Join us and learn to see and experience your surroundings in a whole new way – come and develop your geomantic eyes!