Clearing clutter

Clutter’s not just physical objects. It can be anything in your life you don’t need or have outgrown. This includes old emotions, beliefs and thoughts, and activities or commitments you no longer enjoy. Clearing all forms of clutter helps support you and welcomes new energies in.

Look around you. Do the things in your home or workplace uplift you or make you smile? Do you love or use all the things you’re holding onto? If not, maybe it’s time to let them go …

It’s important to know why we hold onto things and why we have them in our space, rather than keeping objects out of obligation or just because they’ve always been there. Everything in our homes and spaces has an impact on us. When we’re not consciously creating our spaces and making sure they uplift us is often when clutter creeps in.

Areas of geopathic stress are often where clutter accumulates, and transforming these energies can be a great way to make a start on clearing the physical clutter.

But clutter’s not just physical objects, it can also relate to ideas, beliefs, thoughts, activities, commitments and relationships don’t support you to live the life you want to live. The reason clutter accumulates can indicate something much deeper than many people initially think, and any time is a great time to begin clearing it out.

Clearing clutter helps us to make room for the things we want to bring into our lives. You can start big and overhaul your whole home, or start small – even just clearing one cupboard or under the bed, changing one thought or not going to an event you know will drain you can make a big difference. Clutter-clearing can lift us and help us feel lighter. Clearing a space helps us to move forward and start dreaming into what it is we want to bring into our lives. It’s freeing and gives a feeling of more space – not just in the physical sense, but in your emotional and mental spaces as well.

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