You can tell a lot about a house and its occupants by its frontage. The front of a home represents opportunities coming in, while the back of a property reflects the support occupants have.

The quality and quantity of qi (energy) that can come into a home is determined by what’s going on outside. Qi must be able to move, flow and assemble. What’s it like outside (and inside) the house? Is it old and tired? Bright and welcoming? Confused? Cluttered? Clear? Shut off? Too open? Disconnected?

… What does your home say about you?

? Join us at our EARTH READING workshop and learn how to read all aspects of your environment and home. And importantly, how to improve the energies of your home to encourage health, happiness and abundance.

geomancy workshopEARTH READING
7–8 September 2019
CERES Environment Park, Melbourne

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