mirrors in bedrooms

Careful consideration should be given to where a mirror is placed in a home or office, as they can bounce energies around a room, and they multiply whatever they reflect. If placed over geopathic stress they can work as portals or energise spirit paths.

Particular consideration needs to be given to mirror placement in bedrooms. Ideally you don’t want a mirror to reflect your body as you sleep, as this can increase the chance of sleep problems such as insomnia, disturbed sleep and bad dreams. If you’re having issues with sleep and have a mirror in your bedroom, try covering it for a while and see if things improve.

Mirrors are just one of the ‘Big 9’ concerns to consider when looking at the energies in a home. Join us at our EARTH READING workshop in September to learn more.

Earth Readinggeomancy workshop
7–8 September 2019
CERES Environment Park, Melbourne

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