We all spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so it’s important to give attention to the space in which we sleep. While we sleep our bodies rest, repair and regenerate. If at night our cells and organs are subjected to constant stress, they aren’t able to carry out these processes. As a result, healthy cells can be damaged and unhealthy cells can proliferate.

EMFs and sleep

When planning the layout of your bedroom and where to place your bed, there are some important things to consider. Perhaps the two most crucial are to avoid sleeping in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and over geopathic stress. Studies show exposure to EMFs and geopathic stress can interrupt sleep cycles, as well as weaken your immune system and lead to illness.

Firstly, ensure the bedhead isn’t against a wall that has a meter box on the other side of it – these produce nasty EMFs you definitely don’t want to be sleeping in. EMFs are also created by clock radios (and other electronic devices), electric blankets, mobile phones and working power cords, so it’s best to keep these away from your bed.

If you have an understanding of geopathic stress and know how to detect it, it’s also vital that you check for this and move your bed away from any such stressors.

There are a number of straightforward steps that can be taken to help improve your sleep, health and wellbeing, you just need to know what to look for. These tips are just the beginning …

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