As the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere the Sun is slowly growing stronger and we celebrate Imbolc, or the Quickening.

space clearing

Life is stirring beneath the earth, the trees are showing signs of waking, and the first jonquils and violets are braving the cold – the Earth is awakening and spring is coming!

This is a time of transformation and change, for recognising and working with new ideas, for new beginnings. It’s a very feminine celebration, closely associated with Brighid the maiden, who represents fertility and intuition. And intuition is strong within us all at present, as the dark and the unconscious is still potent before the Sun’s power increases.

As in the garden, we need to prepare ourselves for the coming growing period. Feed your inner fire and give life to the new ideas and beginnings that are incoming. It’s a good time for space clearing rituals, to clear out the old and prepare for new energies to come in. The cleansing and purifying power of fire is often invoked at Imbolc, and candles are usually lit at sundown.

It’s such an uplifting time of year, to feel new life awakening and so many possibilities and new beginnings opening up. Make the most of everything that comes your way ? Happy Imbolc!