energies of places and people

We’re all energy – and so is our environment. A person’s energy can ‘introduce’ them before they even speak. The energies of a place or building can do the same.

Most people have some understanding of how the energy of others can impact on us – whether this is explained by mood or with a deeper energetic awareness. But what about place? The energies of a place can affect us just as much, or often more because of the amount of time we spend in our homes and workplaces.

We live in a melting pot of subtle energies that are constantly playing and interacting with each other and us. We all react in some way to the energies of a place, even if we’re not conscious of it. Our first response to a place or room can sometimes be very strong – positive or negative. Most of us have walked into a house and just haven’t felt right or like it wasn’t a good place to be, although not necessarily for any reason that was immediately apparent. Or have you ever walked into a room after a fight you hadn’t witnessed but could still feel the tension hanging in the air? All of this has to do with the energies of place and how they resonate with your own energy.

But these energies aren’t fixed; they can change over time and with conscious effort we can work to uplift and improve energies – our own and those of place. By becoming conscious of these energies we can learn to use them to benefit ourselves and others.

Just as our energies can change with mood, thoughts, people and things we come into contact with, the energies of place also change and can be influenced by what’s there.

Energy quality, quantity and flow (how it moves) are all essential things to consider when working with the energies of a site. ‘Rivers of energy’ are often spoken of, and just like water, energy needs to be able to gather and move (but not too fast) to remain clear and healthy. And, like water, it can become stagnant and unhealthy if this movement is blocked or if it comes into contact with something that contaminates or dirties it.

There are many signs of stagnant energies in a place, just one of these is clutter. Clutter often accumulates where stagnant or ‘dirty’ energies are present. The good thing is that this can all be easily cleaned up, moved on and improved when you know how! And when you know how to work with the energy of place it can have positive repercussions on your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, as well as your relationships.

Want to learn more about the subtle energies of place, how they can impact on us, and how to work with them to make improvements and create healthy, happy environments?


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