Technopathic stress is a relatively new development that’s becoming more of a widespread concern as our reliance on technology increases. As we incorporate technology into almost all areas of our lives we’re increasing our exposure to electromagnetic radiation produced by these devices. More and more scientific studies are suggesting that being exposed to these electromagentic fields (EMFs) for prolonged periods (and from a young age) can negatively impact on our health, weaken our immune systems and potentially lead to serious illness. (Even the WHO has classified EMFs as a possible carcinogen.)

techno stressSome common sources of this radiation are powerlines, electrical devices and transformers (all of which create power-frequency fields), and wi-fi, cordless phones and external mobile phone masts (which are microwave-based technologies that create pulsed radio-frequency fields). Varying levels of ‘safe’ radiation have been set by governments throughout the world, but pulsing is very high and higher than those ‘safe’ levels.

The easiest and most straightforward way to lessen your exposure to these fields is with distance. Their strength reduces dramatically as you move further away from them. Some easy ways to reduce your load are to ensure you don’t sit too close to your modem (and switch your wi-fi off while not in use), don’t carry your mobile phone on your body and don’t have it next to your bed when you sleep, sleep at least 2 metres away from a wall with a meterbox on it, and stand well back from microwaves when in use (or avoid using them altogether).

These are just a few quick suggestions, there are heaps more ways to reduce your exposure!

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