Today is World Labyrinth Day – a day when people around the world are encouraged to build, walk or trace a labyrinth and ‘Walk as One at 1’ this afternoon.

I recently had the chance to make my first visit to the 11-circuit Chartres style labyrinth in Castlemaine. I posed my question before entering the labyrinth and received so much insight from this short, 30 minute walking meditation.

While standing in the goal, I had a strong sense of grounding, of strength in my lower chakras, but also of being pulled up high, out into the expansiveness of the universe. I was curious to know more, so after walking the labyrinth I dowsed the energies there. While I didn’t find any energy lines crossing or earth energies at the goal, I did find that a portal had opened at the centre of the labyrinth, created naturally by those walking the path. I found that this portal works with human consciousness to serve a positive function. I’d love to know what others have found at this labyrinth …

Why not join others around the world who are taking steps for peace and walk a labyrinth today at 1pm. Here in Australia we’re among the first around the world to mark this date, so help begin this wave of loving energy that will ripple around the world – last year people took part in more than 35 countries.

And given that tomorrow is International Dowsing Day, why not get out and dowse the energies of the labyrinth you create or walk.

If you don’t know of a labyrinth nearby, check out the World Labyrinth Locator website, or you can always create a simple one by marking it out with mulch or scratching into the earth or sand – or just draw a labyrinth on paper and ‘walk it with your finger.

Want to learn more about subtle energies and portals? Join us at one of our workshops later this month:

Elementals and Nature Spirits, 15–16 May 2019
Geopsychic Phenomena: Ghosts, Spirits and Entities, 18–19 May 2019