A primary dowsing response is a reaction to something you already know and have firsthand knowledge of, or something you come into contact with physically.

The uses for dowsing are infinite! Come and learn to dowse at one of our workshops in January – and how it can be used to detect the earth’s subtle energies.


Geomancy workshopAll About Earth
31 January – 3 February 2019 (4 days)

Theory and practice of dowsing earth’s subtle energies. We will explore the nature and scope of dowsable earth energy lines; communication with etheric and astral earth beings; the nature, causes, types, signs, and medical and social symptoms of geopathic stress; and a range of techniques to neutralise or heal disturbed earth energies. You will discover your personal strengths using a variety of systems. We will also examine the theory and design of sacred space. Click here to learn more …

geomancy workshopIntroduction to Geomancy
26 January 2019 (1 day)

An introduction to understanding and communicating with the subtle realms in Geomantic Practice. Learn to dowse earth energies, ley lines and geopathic stress, and about working with tree and nature spirits. You will gain an understanding of transformational techniques, such as Earth Acupuncture, Earth Magic and House Protection. Click here to learn more …


Water Divining workshopWater Divining
27 January 2019 (1 day)

A day of practical exercises to learn how to dowse for underground water. You will discover how to identify primary and secondary underground streams, and blind springs, as well as judging water quality, depth and flow rates. Click here to learn more …