As the time of flowers, it’s always great to make flower essences around Beltane. This morning I woke early to the sound of heavy rain: perfect timing to make the hawthorn flower essence I’ve been wanting to make while the bushes are in bloom.

Hawthorn blossoms at the beginning of summer, and is known as a powerful ally for the heart, offering protection and creating space for healing. It comforts the heart and helps to release grief and heartache, as well as helping to find your inner strength.

During a break in the rain I laid out the captured water and blooms amongst rose quartz to further support heart healing and bring in love, I offered my blessing and called upon Pan and the Divine Feminine. I asked that the vitality from today’s storm also be part of this essence, and as soon as I completed my request thunder clapped twice and I then heard the rain coming across the lake opposite me and a heavy downpour began. This also brought laughter and the free sense that comes with being caught in heavy rain.

My essence today is a perfect blend of love, heart healing and support, vitality, lightness and laughter.