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Throughout the Wimmera artists have painted old wheat silos with portraits of local people. These two examples are painted with the images of local farmers and Indigenous people. It’s interesting to see the change these artworks have on their environments.

The silos we visited were all once next to active railway lines and would have been really busy, yang places. As the railways closed or moved and the silos were no longer used, the areas became extremely yin. Now the silos are attracting lots of visitors who marvel, laugh, talk and picnic there, engaging with each other and the land. All the activity is breathing more yang qi back into the sites. Everywhere you stop in between people are talking of the silos, which also contributes to the qi building around them. Although the areas aren’t as yang as they once would have been, it’s great to see the qi of the region growing again, and to see so many people enjoying art!

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