Please value this lovely plant and don’t poison it – as you can see, it clearly loves you! The practical gifts of clover are diverse …

☘  Clover that grows on your property will keep the snakes away.

☘  It enriches pastures for cattle, horses, sheep, or goats.

☘  Clover is cultivated in poor soil during crop rotations, as it help set nitrogen.

☘  A season of clover dominance will improve commercial crops in years to follow.

☘  Clover grants wishes to the seeker of insights.

☘  It supplies food for our bee friends.

☘  A beneficial bacteria, Rhizobium trifolii, lives in symbiosis with white clover. This nodule bacteria takes in atmospheric nitrogen, which is what becomes fixed into the soil.

Clover is associated with  the great Egypt goddess Uto, whose name means ‘green one’. Her powers include the earth’s regenerative forces and she is often depicted in snake form, emphasising the transformation and renewal of herself and our beautiful earth’s vegetation.