✨?  We conducted a Geomantic site harmonisation in Trentham yesterday (between snow and heavy rain). ✨?

The clouds parted just long enough to do earth acupuncture and honour the spirit of place, including acknowledging the traditional land owners, the Dja Dja Wurrung people of the Kulin nation. Offerings of Grandfather Sage, eucalyptus leaves and sweet grass, were made, along with  raw stones for the elements.

The site was too yin, its energy sluggish, stagnant and lethargic in its patterning. It also had a multitude of subterranean water courses creating geopathic stress and a cold chill through the entire site. The house had a reputation of residents never ‘lasting long’.

Geomapping showed earth faulting was creating an energetic updraft and there were a number of unwanted house guests – both earth-bounded and of the possum variety, both of which are supported by yin energy and geopathic earth emanations.

Post-healing the space is lighter, radiation off-gassed and harmonised! With the newly created sweet space new visions can unfold, harnessing yang energy!

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