This property in Melbourne is a perfect example (albeit a severe case) of the impacts of a combination of manmade radiations effecting a site.

Situated on a corner allotment of a busy six-lane road in central Melbourne it is adjacent to a large cemetery and to Merri Creek, and sits underneath large transmission towers as well as street electricity lines.

It looks lackluster and shows obvious signs of cracking and vandalism, very typical of ‘sha’ and excessive yin energies. The power lines are bombarding the ethers from above with yang radiation in the form of dirty electricity, and underneath comes the subterranean water courses and their seemingly toxic emanations.

Note the spiral graffiti on the fence of which there are many. These I find quite intriguing from a geomantic perspective. On the day I captured these images, I also captured an orb making itself known. It was only captured within a certain location in front of the hedge but not on the other side of the property.

If you are keen to learn how orbs and earthbound entities traverse the landscape to express themselves to inhabitants of homes such as this, and how to assist in harmonising such sites come join us this year to study with Richard and Jewels.