qi flow

Maintaining balance and harmony between Heaven qi, Earth qi and Human qi ensures balance between the creative and nurturing principles on a site.

Qi is the life force, or breath of life. Heaven qi is related to Grandfather Sky and is more yang, while Earth qi is associated with Grandmother Earth and is yin. Overlay human qi, the energy we bring to a space, and a pattern or network is created on a site. Once we can read and understand these qi patterns we can work with them to bring about change.

By understanding the flow and qualities of qi on a site, we can work with yin and yang elements to heal and bring about change. This can be done by eliminating or deflecting undesirable energies and cultivating those that are auspicious.

☯️ Learn more about identifying patterns of qi and how to work with these energies at our EARTH READING workshop on 7–8 September in Melbourne.

Visit the workshop website for a full outline of topics and to enrol.