winter solstice Southern Hemisphere As the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate winter solstice. This is a festival of rebirth, as following the longest night we honour the return of the sun.

Solstice marks the transition from darkness to light, it highlights the cycles of the natural world, and provides a moment to pause, to tune into your own body and cycles. In the darkest hours we’ve been encouraged to slow down, to move inward and rest before the growth that will come as the days lengthen. Like the natural world around us, we may see very little outer activity or growth; the growth that’s been happening is below the surface. Roots have been growing and the seeds of new ideas held, all of which supports the new life and growth that will come with spring. It will help us birth new projects and manifest our dreams.

The sun will grow stronger from here and the hours of light will increase, as will the warmth.

Now is a great time to cleanse, to bathe in smoke and clear the way for new beginnings. It’s a time to honour the earth and yourself, and to celebrate friendships and family. Light candles for the return of the sun, including one for the wishes and dreams you hold.

Blessings ❄️