earth grids

A number of energetic grids surround the earth. Two of the best known are the Curry Grid and the Hartmann Grid.

These energetic networks can be used as a barometer of sorts, as they are one way of reading how geopathically stressed a site is. What happens in one part of a system will affect the entire network.

Both grids are made up of parallel lines that are alternately charged negative and positive. Lines of the Hartmann Grid run in north–south and east–west directions, while lines of the Curry Grid run diagonally to the Hartmann Grid, in northwest–southeast and northeast–southwest grids

The distance between the lines in both grids changes according to where in the world you are. They’re also thought to vary with cycles of the moon, sunspot activity, weather conditions and environmental pollution.

The lines in these grids can also be affected by geopathic stress: the more stressed a site, the more compact these grid systems are likely to be. The lines will often warp as they bend away from some types of geopathic stress. The presence of geopathic stress is also thought to amplify the negative aspects of some crossings. Anomalies in these grid systems can therefore often be rectified, and any effects lessened, by remedying geopathic stress on a site.

In terms of their potential health effects on us, it is the grid crossings, or nodes, that are of interest. In both the Curry and Hartmann grids, where two positive or negative lines intersect double negative or positive nodes are created. These can be problematic. Some symptoms that are thought to be associated with spending time over these double nodes include sleep problems, depression, higher chances of inflammation and other diseases, and proliferation of cells, potentially to the point of cancerous growths (Cowan and Girdlestone 1996, p. 87; Thurnell-Read 2006, pp. 40–1; Living and Bachler 2007, pp. 12, 14–44, 47; Furlong 2003, p. 84). For this reason, sleeping or spending a great deal of time above these nodes should be avoided.

Having said this, it’s unlikely that all nodal points are harmful, and many people believe it is those located over or near geopathic stress that are more likely to cause health problems.

This is why addressing other forms of stress can often alleviate any effects from Curry or Hartmann grid crossings, and why geopathic stress is usually remedied prior to dowsing for these nodes on a site.

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