Our next workshop offerings are now only a couple of months away!

In February 2018 we’ll be holding our next 4-day workshop, All About Earth, as well as two 1-day classes, Water Divining and Sacred JourneyAll are being taught by Jewels Rocka and Richard Creightmore of Land and Spirit in the UK.

All About Earth will be our first workshop with Richard Creightmore, an internationally renowned and respected geomancer and water diviner. This is an exciting opportunity to study with him, as he hasn’t taught here for some time won’t be back teaching here again until 2019.

In this class you will:

  • learn skills that supply the missing piece in holistic health care for your friends, family, patients and clients
  • gain a strong foundation in the ancient wisdoms of geomancy, shamanism and dowsing through practical experience
  • learn to detect and harmonise the impacts of geopathic stress, and deepen your understanding of earth energies
  • learn to heal trouble spots that may have serious health and social implications
  • grow your ability to communicate with the subtle realms, including elementals and nature spirits
  • gain the knowledge and skills to work as a geomancer and become part of a tribe that works collectively towards earth healing.

Good, clean, harmonious energy can make the difference between living poorly and thriving. It can affect your health, relationships and finances. The great thing is that when you are focused on making your little patch the healthiest it can be, then it has powerful reverberations in your life and for the planet.

Richard Creightmore

All About Earth will develop your geomantic skills by providing an insight into the connection between yourself, others and your environment. You will further your ability to read and interact with all levels of the land; in particular, the subtle energies.

In this class we will focus on detecting and harmonising geopathic stress through dowsing, as well as addressing the effects these energies can have on anyone spending time above them. Naturally occurring earth energy lines and grids will also be a focus, along with design of sacred space. We will explore the nature and scope of dowsable earth energy lines; communication with etheric and astral earth beings; the nature, causes, types, signs, and medical and social symptoms of geopathic stress; and a range of techniques to neutralise or heal disturbed earth energies.

No previous experience is required and the ancient art of dowsing will be introduced, with lots of opportunity for practical experience.

The skills learnt in this workshop are essential for anyone wanting to do environmental work with subtle energies and realms. Working with several different models, you will discover the system that works best for you and works to your personal strengths.

Take the plunge and change the way you
experience the world!

And don’t miss the opportunity to further your learning and expand your geomantic skills – or just dip your toe in – with our two short, 1-day classes: Water Divining and Sacred Journey.

geomancy australiaWater Divining is an ancient practice with a strong history in our dry continent. Most people living on the land in Australia know someone or have heard of someone who can divine for water, although few people actually teach the art.

Our workshop will be a day of practical exercises to learn how to dowse for underground water. You will discover how to identify primary and secondary underground streams, and blind springs, as well as judging water quality, depth and flow rates. Held in regional Victoria, just 10 minutes from Daylesford and 80 minutes from Melbourne, there will be ample opportunity to practice the skills you learn.

No previous knowledge or experience is required, and the art of dowsing will be introduced and taught on the day.

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with an internationally acclaimed expert who is in high demand in the field of water divining.

Geomancy AustraliaOur Sacred Journey workshop focuses on shamanic skills and process work for geomancers. Immerse yourself in a day of practical experiences connecting with elementals and nature spirits, and understanding spirit of place. Come together and build your confidence applying what you’ve learnt in our other workshops, or take the opportunity to launch your journey into these realms.

Geomancy provides an insight into the connection between yourself, others and your environment, and develops your ability to read and interact with all levels of the land. These skills are essential for anyone working as an earth healing practitioner or doing journey work. Come and advance your own journey and awakening.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend another day with Richard and Jewels while they’re in Australia – and with the geomantic community we are gathering. Spend a day connecting with the land, and make the most of having this chance to spend time honing your skills alongside two masters in their fields.

Enrol now and claim your place at these exciting workshop offerings!

All About Earth
with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
8–11 February 2018
9.30 am – 5 pm (4 days)
held at CERES, Brunswick East
Places are limited and this class is almost full. Enrol now to avoid missing out.

Water Divining
with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
14 February 2018
10 am – 5 pm (1 day)
held at Glenlyon Shire Hall, Glenlyon, Victoria

Sacred Journey
with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
15 February 2018
11 am – 6 pm (1 day)
held at Glenlyon Shire Hall, Glenlyon, Victoria

Visit our Training and Events page or Facebook page to learn more, or email us to obtain a registration form and enrol: info@geomancyaustralia.com